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Dragon Spheres 1.0

Dragon Spheres is an Arkanoid-like game with dragons
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Dragon Spheres is an Arkanoid-like game with dragons. In this game, you will have to clear colored circles by hitting them with a ball that bounces off the bat. which you control by moving your mouse. As you do this, several dragons will launch fireballs at you. You must avoid them, or you will lose a life. You can kill those dragons by hitting them with the ball.

Some of the circles will free some power-ups or power-downs, which you can catch with the bat. These items (ten in total) will give you extra lives and balls, and they can also create clouds that will hinder your progress. Sometimes, you'll get bones - these you must catch to score points.

The game has fifty colorful levels, each with 3 dragon enemies that fly over your bat and 2 leaders, which shoot fireballs. You can choose from three different difficulty modes, but there's just one music track that you can use as background music. When you finish playing, the game offers you to publish the score you have achieved on its servers. This way you can compare your score with those obtained by other players worldwide.

You can play the evaluation version of this program free for sixty minutes.

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